“We hiked the falls, exhumed with awe, August of ’93. An eddy of patchouli hovers next to me, in wide open beautiful spaces. And you and I know there’s no replacing, nestled in ivy so weathered, the angels, my vanquished love.” (From “83”) Sigh. Guys don’t write like this anymore. Which is why I’m convinced that Christopher Wilson isn’t from this time. Sure, his bio says he’s from Houston. A likely story. He’s really a troubadour from olden times who’s just visiting this era. I hope he stays away from television sets because if he happens to see MTV, he’ll probably run screaming back to his own era. And we need him in this one. “Wading the warmest waters, table tops and tides, Lurking with such buoyancy, in spite of all you find.” (From “Arnold Avenue”) “East Mall Daze” is the solo debut from this artist who’s been singing and playing guitar since age nine. These twelve songs are poetic, often acoustic pop/rock, with a splash of Spanish Flamenco flavoring in the instrumental title track and “Arnold Avenue.” Through the upbeat pop songs and dreamier ballads, he sings memories of conversations and wanderings in a high voice with earnest delivery. He takes us exploring through meadows, mountains, and relationships. The lyrics are captivating, and magical musical moments keep emerging to accompany them. The backing vocal harmonies on “Easel” are heavenly. And I like the easy strolling tempo of “Family Function,” which presents an artistic perspective of the different kinds of people that make up a family: “How boring just one mold, so squares and circles fold. Triangles are nothing new, Let them fuss and feud.” By his own admission, his memories may not be 100 percent accurate (“Conjure up a history that is only time,” he sings in “The Last Party”), but I like the hazy images. He sings his dreams and the way things should have been if they didn’t turn out that way. Let yourself wander through this one with him.

Outsmart Magazine

"It's poetry delivered through music, backed by guitar-driven, pop/rock rhythms. This compilation of thought-provoking lyrics is reinforced by strong, emotional vocals."