Arnold Avenue

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson


Arnold Avenue



the hollow pillow

burning dusk into dawn

the existential plot of craving

soaking in the sun

here I met Wendy

seemingly unsatisfied

the daze of Detroit far past her

dredged within those eyes


wading the warmest waters

table tops and tides

lurking with such buoyancy

in spite of all you find


the color of coral drowned her

parting fingers...friends and foe

a dusty humid smile

resilient in its tow

facade of concerted discerning

I ponder why you stay

on this highway number zero

wicked are its ways


the seawall meets these sandals

like strangers greet your sighs

distorting every signal

you keep this all in stride

lagoon of mirrors haunting

speaking showers of the sky

pools of lifeless longing

those things that swept you by


wading the warmest waters

over table tops and tides

lurking with such poignancy

despite the failed design


you're the crescent of these corners

peaking below and behind

situated...the center of bargain

a bargain so unkind

'til the crashing down on coral

we dusted a million times

the end of Arnold Avenue

didn't you seek and never find

and never find

and never find

and never find


(Words and music by Christopher Wilson; copyright 2001, Christopher Wilsongs, ASCAP. All rights reserved.)