How Why & When

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson


How Why & When


started out for tomorrow

limp in the lap of today

could have settled for this 

but you'd much rather go that way

somethings seem like nothing when you can't tame

a world of wax amenities...they sink away


into your how why & when

into your how why & when


stayed outside tonight 

stay outside today

they told me what you sold me 

a bundle of bricks and clay

just don't try to mold me 

when you'd much rather give it away

no...don't you try to hold it let it slip and say

the table's set for me


in your how why & when

in your how why & when

in your how & when

in your how why & when


well maybe...the first mistake

self denial can't erase

or maybe...what seconds steal

was dragged onto a landscape

to resurrect what little you feel

with nothing there to confiscate

so why ask why

when how you you cannot deal

with the traces

the faces of love


(Words and music by Christopher Wilson; copyright 2001, Christopher Wilsongs, ASCAP. All rights reserved.)