No Such Thing

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson


No Such Thing


you take one step right to the center

you take a step right to the line

and there you find invisible borders

permeates the premise

that's fine


you get right through into the culture

into the culture you find

they take and starve

recedes all need

so you give and feed 

that's kind


won't you be firm but be gentle

won't you condense the two

where is that neutral nature

where is that part of you


no such thing


no such thing


so take one step back to the center

back to the center you find

a lonely plate

eat to the order of the mess 

that they made of your mind

so now you say it's not so easy

breaking down those borders that bind

when you come out

smack in the middle

smack in the middle you sigh


it's either fortune or misfortune

there is no middle name

where is that neutral nature

to bind what's not the same


(Words and music by Christopher Wilson; copyright 2006 Christopher Wilsongs, ASCAP. All rights reserved)