Pulling the Wool

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson


Pulling The Wool


pulling the wool on the fragile

the meek go down a drain

poured into promises

stomped onto those premises


wander into the night light

close down the windows and shades

all that debating exceeds relation

to any sort of confirmation



crammed into this state of surrender

do I do I do I do I realize

that one way to do this much better

the only thing

somebody was


pulling the wool on the fragile

pulling so tight on those reins

making me a statue of status

raking me my heavy habit


wander into the white light

come crashing through these panes

and give to me the charm of life now

I'll take from you what will suffice now



pulling the wool

pulling the wool on the fragile

somebody was


(Words and music by Christopher Wilson; copyright 2006 Christopher Wilsongs, ASCAP. All rights reserved)