"Numb" video/single release party just announced!



Band Rehearsals Commence!


Hello all,

I am happy to inform you that band rehearsals have begun here in Portland!  The new show will be a rockin' mixture of new songs from my upcoming album release entitled Insular, and material from the first two albums.  Of course, there will also be some choice cover songs from the past few decades!  More news to follow regarding my "Numb" video release party!  My previous albums are now streaming on my very own Spotify channel.  You can follow me on Spotify here:

Much love and gratitude :) 



Website Updated!


Hello all...welcome to my NEW website.  I promise to update this page more often as musical moments occur.  I am very happy to write that I am currently recording new songs with sound engineer/producer John Neff (Steely Dan, David Lynch, Journey) here in Portland, Oregon, for my third indie album titled Insular, which will be released in 2018!  I am also currently shooting a music video for my soon-to-be-released rock single "Numb", a song that I wrote some years ago that was awarded Finalist placement in the 2012 Song of the Year contest.

Thanks for listening, for YOUR support and love over these years.  I am eternally grateful and looking forward...